What is a backlink ? Why are backlinks important? Top 10 link building ways in 2020

Backlinks are the most essential factors of SEO  Hi guy’s Welcome to my techy world. Today we are going to learn about backlinks or backlinks strategies. Hey, are you looking for backlinks build a strategy or know about what is backlinks then you are in the right place? Let’s get started
What are backlinks? Why are backlinks important?

1. What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the most commonly used term in SEO. Backlinks also are known as inbound links or incomings links. In simple words, backlinks are links from one webpage to another webpage or another website. Backlinks represent a website on SEO ranking. Backlinks provide a vote to website or webpage on SEO.

2. Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks play an important role in SEO optimization. Backlinks are one of the most important essentials of page  SEO factors. Backlinks help a website to rank on the search engine. Backlinks help us in four ways.
1.  Ranked in search engine
2.  Indexing
3.  Getting referral traffic
4. Referral traffic

   1.Ranked in Search Engine: 

Backlinks are the most important element of of-page SEO because backlinks help in ranked in any reach engine. When a webpage has a number of quality backlinks from the relevant website then automatically this website starting ranking on the search engine.

   2. Indexing: 

  Backlinks help webpage fast indexing in search engine. Search engine bots discover new web post by following backlinks from an existing website. When search engine bots crawl main website or index your backlinks on search console.

  3. Earning huge natural traffic: 

  Backlinks help a webpage or website to gain a huge amount of natural traffic. When a webpage show in search engine top page then it will gain huge organic traffic.

  4. Referral traffic: 

  This is the major benefits of Backlinks. When a website or webpage has a good quality backlinks from high authority website it will increase the chance the getting get traffic from backlink website.

  3. Types of backlinks

  There are two types of backlinks in SEO

  Do follow
  No-follow: No-follow links are not must important for SEO. Nofollow backlinks do not help in getting rank. But no-follow links are a part of of-page SEO.
  Do-follow: Dofollow backlinks are the most important factors of SEO. Dofollow backlinks are crawl and count in SEO. Dofollow backlinks improve SEO ranking in search engine. Dofollow backlinks are building time-consuming and difficult process in SEO but it’s important.  

 4. How to build backlinks?

Now you know that backlinks are important for the webpage. When you are going to build backlinks you need to keep in mind backlink in SEO is the number of backlinks is not important the quality of a backlink is important.
Here are some ways to get backlinks for your blog or webpage
1. Write good quality SEO optimized content.
2. Start guest blogging.
3. Submit to web directories.
4. Use Broken link building techniques 
5. Interview influencers in your industry and send them a link.
6.Submit Testimonials
7. Promote Your Content.
8. Build an internal link.
9. Spy on Your competitors.
10. Backlinks through infographics.


Backlink building is important to getting traffic and rank in search engine. Do not use spamming method to earn do-follow links. 

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